Teklo Thursdays – Achilles Accelerated April Edition

Dates will be as follows:

Event I – Complete! Congrats to Vlasta and Dung!
Event II – Thursday, April 15th, 5:30pm MST
Event III – Thursday, April 22nd, 5:30pm MST
Finale – Thursday, April 29th, 5:30pm MST

Prizing Details:

Lead up Events:
1st Place – $25 Signarus Cards GC

2nd Place – $15 Signarus Cards GC

Finale Event:

1st Place – Cold Foil Kavdaen, Trader of Skins Promo

2nd Place – Full set of April ’21 Foil Full Art Promo Cards:
Wrecker Romp (1), Wrecker Romp (3), Blessing of Deliverance (1), Whelming Gustwave (1), Over Loop (2), Sic ‘Em Shot (3), Reduce to Runechant (3), Voltic Bolt (1)

Participation – 2x $20 Signarus Cards Gift Certificates

You will receive GEM XP for participating as this is registered as an armory event.

DM me on Discord with the order of your preferred available event slots (ie I, II, III or III, I, II, etc) – I will make attempts to accommodate everyone but I cannot guarantee you’re going to get the slot you want. If we have more than 24 people interested by 9pm, slots will be randomly chosen based on preferences as best I can.