No Mercy November Constructed

Continuing the grand and storied history of the Signarus Slowmo Smashup Series of events, it’s a new month, and so there is a new event!

Two Important Changes Moving Forward:
1) There is now a nominal cost of $5 to enter the event – I’m not looking to profit, just cover my expenses.
2) If one player can show that attempts have been made to schedule a round and gotten no response, they will be given a win for that round. If both players have tried and are unable to line up a match before the end of the round period, it will be recorded as a draw

Max Players: 32 (Minimum 8 to fire)
Rounds: 5 – Cut to Top 8
Where: Signarus Cards Discord –
XP?: You bet – This is an Armory Event so you’ll pull down a fat 3xp a win!

Format: Classic Constructed / Webcam
Eligibility: Worldwide*** (see prizing notes)

Every round will last 72 hours.

It is entirely up to you and your opponent to find an amenable time to crush out the round in the within the allotted timespan.

I understand it’s tough. Timezones don’t always line up, but this is primarily a North American tournament, and subsequently it is your responsibility to make sure you can complete your rounds in the allotted timeframe.

If for whatever reason, there’s just ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you and your opponent can line up a time to complete your match inside the alloted span, let me know and I can work with you both to try and figure something out, but it might be something as archaic as a coin toss or rock paper scissors.

It is the responsibility of both players to submit results prior to the round deadline. If only one player submits a result, it will be accepted as gospel regardless of whether or not is correct.

If a result is not submitted prior to the round deadline, the match will be recorded as a draw. We’ve had too many rounds go over time in the last two months and it is really unfair to those who do get their games played on time to have to wait for people who can’t.

Because this tournament is not happening in a condensed fixed period, it might be hard to find a judge – but please DM me directly or ask in the #rules-questions channel on the FabCad discord (I mean this is probably what I’m gonna do because I’m no expert so you’re just cutting out the middleman. If there’s still a dispute, please DM me and I will attend as fast as I am able. If it’s 4am you might be SoL, though.)

Pairings will be announced in the Discord #tournament-announcements channel (hopefully) a minimum of a few hours before the next round timing starts, but that being said, if people crush out their games super fast and everyone has results in, we’ll move the next round start time up appropriately (and extend it, if necessary).

Match results are to be reported by both players in your FAB Player Profile. If there happens to be a dispute, we can evaluate at that time, but I feel like that isn’t going to happen. We’re all so nice.

If you want to proxy in your matches, and your opponent is OK with it, then so am I.
Please consider your proxy created by me and handed to you, and then when the match is over, pretend I took it from you and destroyed it. Good? Good.
Understand that this also means your opponent has the right to deny your use of a proxy and all you can do is be mad about it.

Round Timings:

Round 1: Nov 7th, 11:00 PM EST – Nov 10th, 11:00 PM EST
Round 2: Nov 10th, 11:00 PM EST – Nov 13th, 11:00 PM EST
Round 3: Nov 13th, 11:00 PM EST – Nov 16th, 11:00 PM EST
Round 4: Nov 16th, 11:00 PM EST – Nov 19th, 11:00 PM EST
Round 5: Nov 19th, 11:00 PM EST – Nov 23rd, 11:00 PM EST


Now we get to why you’re really here..

There will be small placement prizes but the big prizes will be going out to random participants. I’m not trying to not reward good play but I also don’t want people to feel there is no chance so they don’t bother.

To address the * next to Eligibility – I will ship prizes to North America at my cost. If you are outside North America, shipping will be your sole responsibility.

Placement Prizing:

  • 1st Place: $20 Store Credit at Signarus Cards and an RF Briar Token / Set of Burgeoning Tokens (1R 1Y 1B)
  • 2nd Place: $15 Store Credit at Signarus Cards
  • 3rd Place: $10 Store Credit at Signarus Cards

Participation Prizing (Yes, this will remain open to all participants even if they place):

  • CF Rosetta Thorn
  • Set of Burgeoning Promos (1R 1Y 1B)
  • RF Briar Promo
  • Briar Armory Playmat
  • $25 Store Credit at Signarus Cards
  • $15 Store Credit at Signarus Cards

If you’re interested in playing, please go purchase a ticket here. As mentioned above, this is capped at 32 so if it’s out of stock, tournament is full.
If you need to drop for whatever reason, please let me know ASAP.