Welcome To Rathe Hero Starters

$13.00 inc. taxes


Sometimes you just know who you want to play and don't need the rest.

Our starter packages are designed to give you a great base to build from for a single hero.

They include:

- 1x Class Young Hero (Common)
- 1x Class Adult Hero (Common)
- 1x Class Hero Weapon (2 for Ninja) (Common)
- 1x Class Armour Piece (Common)
- 1x Goliath Gauntlets (Common)
- 1x Hope Merchant's Hood (Common)
- 1x Snapdragon Scalers (Common)
- 1x Heartened Cross Strap (Common)
- 1x Set of Nullrune Armour (Common)
- 1x Set of Ironrot Armour (Common)
- 1x Playset of Common Class Cards
- 1x Playset of Rare Class Cards

That's over one hundred cards at an unbeatable price!

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Brute, Guardian, Ninja, Warrior