Jaelara Second Edition – Sealed Booster Display (24 Packs)

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Jaelara Second Edition will be a reprinting of the best cards from three previous BoC Sets: Beta, Welcome to Jaelara, and Raze.

As well, Rare cards are now two per pack instead of one (with a chance at a third Epic Rare!)

And finally - foil has come to Genesis!  Every 1 in 17 packs contains one of the set cards in beautiful rainbow foil!

The complete Jaelara Second Edition set contains:
12 Champions (each with two variants)
33 Rare Cards
44 Uncommon Cards
60 Common Cards
4 Aura Cards

Each booster pack contains:
2 Rare
4 Uncommons
8 Commons
1 Champion/Token Card

One in every eight booster packs replaces an Uncommon card with an Epic Rare (Alternate art to an existing rare card)
One in every seventeen booster packs replaces a Common card with a Foil version of one of the cards in the set.

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