Signarus Cards “Assert Dominance” Playmat

$30.00 inc. taxes



Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't we!

Introducing the first Signarus Cards playmat - "Assert Dominance" - featuring stunning art by Phu Thieu!

This 24"x14"x1/16" Neoprene and Fabric playmat is bright, striking and features everyone's favourite unnamed bae, who I'm gonna call stab lady.

You could say she really gives off an aura of self-confidence.

Mat ships in a sturdy tube mailer - Because of this, please do not order anything in addition to your mat as we don't want to fold cards in half to make them fit.

Mats are also limited to 1 per order - however if you want multiples please reach out to Arthur/MrChocholate#6502 on Discord and we can examine our options.

The only layout available is the one pictured, which is white boxes with no text or iconography.

The large Signarus Watermark is of course just for image purposes and is not on the actual mat itself. The logo in the bottom right is, however.