Card Quality / Card Grade Policy

Card Grades are a funny thing. One person’s NM is another person’s M. One person’s 7 is another person’s 9.5.

We all know that FAB cards are made of a special material that causes the corners to be crappy immediately after they’re exposed to oxygen, or get edge wear because someone on the other side of the world used the word “moist”.

To that end, we are not going to guarantee that any card you receive from us is going to be mint***.

We will do our best to provide the best quality card that we can, but if card quality is of the utmost importance to you, *please* reach out to us before purchasing to get photos or at least an opinion.

For higher value cards ($250+) we will have scans of the specific card you will be purchasing available so you know exactly what you’re purchasing – if requested, we can provide scans/photos of cards at a lower value, but we will not do so by default.

They will be available to you for viewing on the product page, and if you want other specific views I can do my best to accommodate them, however once the purchase is made, the sale is final.

Please understand that we will never deliberately misrepresent the condition of a card nor send out an obviously very damaged card unless the customer is aware of what they’ll be receiving.

*** MON1 specifically had what appears to be some absolutely abysmal quality control. Nicks, edge wear, print lines, etc. To that end, I’m going to tell you right now, none of the MON1 CFs I have for sale are likely to be GEM Mint 10’s — and quite frankly if you expect them to be at these prices, I have a bridge to sell you in New York.