About Us

Who the heck are you?

We’re just folks who love Flesh and Blood and crackin’ packs!

Naturally, we though we should open a singles store!

You can find Arthur on either the Canadian or North American FaB Discords – or just straight up DM him @mrchocholate#8059 if you have questions, comments or just to talk about FaB or whatever.

What the hell does Signarus mean?

The Signarus is an important part of the Welcome to Rathe lore! 

Located in the kingdom of Solana, hidden beneath the earth is a massive vault, guarded by both physical defenses and powerful wards. 

Throughout history, many ancient artefacts have surfaced, and since the time of the first Grand Magister, Solana has been retrieving these items and keeping them safe from those who might use them for nefarious purposes. 

The Signarus remains a well-guarded secret, known only to the highest-ranking members of the Light of Sol.